The emotional impact

Separation can be hard for parents and children. 5 podcasts on our Youtube channel help with some of the common emotions people experience, developed for Family Journeys by psychotherapist and trauma specialist Lorna Evans of the MindMovement.

There are podcasts on anxiety, anger and understanding emotions.


Understanding mediation

If you are thinking of trying mediation but don't know much about it, these youtube introductions by Exeter University give a good overview about what happens, and how parents feel about their experience.

How Family Mediation Works: Kim's story

How Family Mediation Helps: Eleanor's story

Family Mediation What Happens? Wendy's Story

Considering Mediation? What you need to know


Getting Pratical

Did you know there are a number of apps available to help parents to make arrangements for children and other matters - both parents ensuring the information is shared and communicated on the app. Some parents find this helps reduce stress and misunderstanding.

We're not promoting these apps - using them and deciding which one is best for you is your choice. But we're interested to see what you think of them or any we have missed:

Our Family Wizard







Thumsters (focus on children's support and behaviour)


Helping your children

Conflict of any kind between parents is difficult for children and can have a lasting impact on their wellbeing. 

Children benefit from being able to talk about their feelings and to understand parents' decision to separate in ways they can understand, and without blame.

Young Minds guide for parents

Because its for the Kids - from Children Beyond Dispute (download)