Family Connections

We take a children's rights-based approach to ensure children can spend time with parents or close family members who live apart. 

We design our child contact centres to be fun, supportive so they provide a welcoming space for positive relationships to grow.

We work with both parents to make arrangements that are safe and suitable for their family.

Assisted contact provides a venue for calm handover between parents.

Supported contact provides space for play - and develop playing together - for parent and children.

Supervised contact is arranged when parents and children need more support to be together. 

Our play centres include:

Granton Family Centre, North Edinburgh

Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre

Forrestbank Community Centre, Livingston

Olivebank Family Centre, Musselburgh

Family Journeys head offices, Edinburgh city centre

NOTE: during ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, some venues may not be operating as usual. This is the decision of the venue owners. We are endeavouring to use suitable alternative venues enabling us to operate safely within government guidelines.

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