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Family Connections

We take a children's rights-based approach to ensure children can spend time with parents or close family members who live apart. 

We design our family connections centres to be fun, supportive so they provide a welcoming space for positive relationships to grow.

We work with both parents to make arrangements that are safe and suitable for their family.

Assisted family connections provides a venue for calm handover between parents.

Supported family connections provides space for play - and develop playing together - for parent and children.

Supervised family connections is arranged when parents and children need more support to be together. 

Our Family Connection Centres include:

i.  The Playrooms, 519 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh

ii. The Playroom, Braid Health & Wellbeing Community Centre,    Livingston

iii. The Playroom, Fisherrow, Musselburgh

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How does Family Connections work?

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