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Families Finding Solutions


First step

In our first chat with you, staff will listen to your concerns and take some basic details to help us plan your Choices Meeting. 

Contact us by phone or by email / contact form. We aim to respond quickly for this first call. Let us know when it is best to get in touch with you.


Intake meeting

At your intake meeting we will discuss the support or services we can offer and help you consider what might suit your circumstances.

You can attend this meeting with your ex partner or alone. Each parent can have their own Intake Meeting and plan their support, which may be different than their ex partner if they feel their needs are different.

Mediation does require both parents to work together. Other services can be beneficial for one or both parents, working together or separately. 

The intake meeting can be by online meeting or in person.


Liaison with courts and solicitors

We do accept referals from courts, solitors and children's hearings. Our focus is to work in the best interests of the child and collaborate with parents fairly and respectfully, so the whole family has a positive experience.

We will still offer you a Choices Meeting to plan our services to you.

Our Services


Family Connections

Non-resident family members reconnecting with children at play centres (family connections centres)



Supporting family members to communicate


All about me

A structured and therapeutic support intervention for children


#Keeping the Promise

Supporting children and young people in care to ensure their rights and views are respected.


Power of Play

Helping parents maintain strong attachments with children through play activities and supported play.


Parent Coaching

Supporting one parent to communicate and plan


Parenting Apart

Short courses on all aspects of family life after separation


Supporting the Parent who doesn’t live with me
A dedicated wellbeing and support service of emotional support during the wait for Family Connections




We never share information without your permission. 


Please see our fees page here

Waiting list?

We understand that loss after separation, and resolving conflict, is painful for parents and children. We try to keep waiting times to a minimum by prioritising, based on any challenging circumstances parents are experiencing. We will communicate with you throughout the waiting period. Please let us know if your circumstances change.

We Need Your Support Today!

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