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Steps to our services

Step 1

If you approach us for mediation or for family connections, we will need to contact the other parent to set up your service.  You don’t need to do this yourself, just give us their details, or their solicitor’s details.

If you have no details, or don’t want us to contact the other parent, we have other services you can use for yourself or for your children. Take a look through our website and get back to us to tell us what you are interested in.

Useful Prep

Legal aid can cover some of the costs of mediation and setting up family connections. It can take around a month from application to decision. If you think you may be eligible for legal aid and want to apply, it is a good idea to approach a solicitor now to get this underway. You can get this for help to avoid court action. A solicitor specializing in family law can explore this with you. 

If you are not eligible, or feel unsure about taking this step, this is not essential right now.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

We give the other parent 3 weeks to respond to us. If they do respond, you are both given a separate confidential appointment to speak to us about our services and the help each of you need.

If the other parent does not respond, we get back to you.  Again, you can consider using other services for yourself or your child.

If you and the other parent agree to mediation or family connections (or there is a court order for this) we put you on a waiting list for your first meeting, and then we plan and prepare your service.

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