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#Keeping the Promise

We take a children's rights-based approach to all our work. 

For us, it is especially important that children and young people are meaningfully involved in decision making about their care, when they are involved in the care system in any way.

Supporting children and young people: we can help children and young people learn mediation skills and ways of communicating their views, whenever this is helpful to them. This might be in decision making in their own family, in foster care or in residential care. It might be in courts or at hearings.

It can give children and young people brilliant skills to support their future.

It can give children and young people time, space and support to deal with important decisions in their care.

Supporting families to maintain relationships: sometimes, support to meet and talk or enjoy time together is important. Helping children and young people in care to maintain relationships with brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents or other important people in their lives, is part of our work in Family Connections. Our centres provide a safe and neutral place, and we create a Child's Plan for every child or young person using the service so that it is set up for them to enjoy the activities and opportunities they want to share with their families. Sometimes, it feels helpful to do this away from a care setting.

Our services can be accessed by children and young people directly. We will listen confidentiality to what the child or young person wants. We will be honest, and we will always explain what we can and cannot help with.

Adults can also access our services, for help to maintain relationships with their children. When this happens, we always ensure that the child's rights and views guide our work with the adults.

Sometimes, maintaining relationships can be hard, when families have struggled with difficult things in their lives. Our approach is supportive, caring and non-judgemental. Above all, we recognise that different people in families have different needs. With help, these can be explored safely. If the time is not right, at present, the door is open for when it does feel right.

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