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Power of Play

Play is one of the most important ways children learn and develop. Parents who play with their children strengthen their attachments. 

Strong attachments help children to grow up confident, explore the world around them and enjoy life and relationships, as children and later, as adults.

Play is not always easy for parents. When we are distressed by separation ourselves, it can be hard to relax and play with our children. 

If we have been apart for some time, reconnecting can take time.

Parents who had a challenging childhood themselves or difficult relationships with their own parents, might want support to find their own positive parenting groove.

Our play support sessions are fun, easy for parents and children to enjoy, and help parents understand children's behaviours and how to playfully respond to get the best out of time with children.

Play sessions can be arranged at any of our venues as part of family connections sessions.

Alternatively, parents who want to learn about play and attachment before meeting their children can attend our learning sessions.

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