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All About Me - Voice of the Child

A structured and therapeutic support intervention for children.

One to One therapeutic support promoting children’s rights through the voice of the child.

  • Family Journeys have developed a toolkit that is being used as therapeutic guidance for staff to support children through their family connections journey following separation or divorce. The aim is to enable the practitioner to successfully gather and capture the voice of the child and where appropriate report back to sheriffs to ensure informed decision making and child’s rights are communicated on behalf of the child. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) As a children’s charity, Family Journeys passionately uphold and are driven by the guiding principles of UNCRC. Giving particular importance to Article 12 referring to respecting the views of a child and ensuring every child being supported by Family Journeys has their views, feelings and wishes considered and taken seriously. Family Journeys also ensure that with all services involving children, Article 13 is considered and the child’s right to freedom of expression, giving every child the right to share their thoughts and opinions throughout this journey is considered to ensure a child’s emotional safety throughout their family connections journey.

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