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About Family Journeys

Forward thinking based on years of experience

Our History

Family Mediation Lothian was first established in the early 1980s and has grown to provide a range of services for families in mediation, family connections centres, children's groups and support for parenting apart.

Family Journeys Now

From 2020 we are Family Journeys. 

We're reviewing and developing our services to ensure we meet the needs of families, based on our understanding of the challenges families face when there is separation or conflict. 

We will ensure we reflect understanding of trauma and other adversity on children.

Our Vision

To provide non-judgemental and affordable support for all families in crises from separation, especially when there is conflict.

To help families recover by restoring strong family connections.

To create stronger attachments between children and their mums and dads through development of relationship skills.

Our Values

Children's best interests come first

Kind and supportive services

Solution focused

Impartial and fair



Partnership Working

We are committed to supporting parents and children to access a range of services for support and information. We never share information without consent. Whenever possible, we gain personal knowledge of any service before making referrals or signposting parents and children for additional support.

We are happy to receive referrals from other agencies and aim to be open, transparent and collaborative in order to find solutions for children and their parents.

We work closely with courts, solicitors, social workers and support services, However, we are an independent organisation and we are accessible to parents who want to self-refer.


Our Team


Our Board


Charity Information

Family Journeys (formerly Family Mediation Lothian)

Address: 519 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 3AJ


Phone: 0131 322 3863 (Reception lines are open Wednesday between 10-4pm and Friday between 10-1pm)

Registered Charity: SC012815

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