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Family Mediation Week 

17 – 21 January 2022 is Family Mediation Week: an opportunity for everybody to learn more about Family Mediation, a process in which in which an independent, professionally-trained mediator helps you work out arrangements following separation.

Family Journeys is supporting Family Mediation Week to raise awareness of the benefits of family mediation, which can help ex-partners agree what works for them, reducing the stress, delay and cost that the court process can bring.


Relationships Scotland will be posting a blog on their website each day next week with feedback from clients and case stories to highlight how mediation has helped many families in Scotland. 


Parents interested in finding out more about family mediation can also watch a range of videos on the Relationships Scotland website. 

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If you are interested to discuss mediation services, please feel free to contact our Family Journeys team on


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Family Connection Centres: Safe, friendly spaces to help children and young people make the most of all their family relationships, when families live apart.

Parent Support: solution focused coaching for parents to help them plan and learn new ways of parenting apart, supporting mums and dads and carers following the loss and distress of break up.

Power of Play: help for non-resident family members to maintain positive attachments and loving relationships with their children.

Mediation: support for families to find solutions when situations feel complicated or communication is hard.