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Helping Families Find Solutions

12.06.24 We are currently recruiting for Relief Staff - further information on our 'Work with us' page

"The use of the facilities at Family Journeys George Street have been a lifeline for me in the process of reconnecting with my daughter. The staff create a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere that have made my contact sessions relaxed enjoyable and fun. The continued help, support and advice I have received from staff has been excellent. 

I would highly recommend this service to any parent struggling with child contact issues." 

"Thank you so much for walking this journey with myself and the children. Your support, help and guidance, We couldn’t have come this far without everybody’s help. You will all be missed"

Family Connection Centres: Safe, friendly spaces to help children and young people make the most of all their family relationships, when families live apart.

Parent Support: solution focused coaching for parents to help them plan and learn new ways of parenting apart, supporting mums and dads and carers following the loss and distress of break up.

Power of Play: help for non-resident family members to maintain positive attachments and loving relationships with their children.

Mediation: support for families to find solutions when situations feel complicated or communication is hard.

Parenting Apart: Parenting Apart is a group that helps you to understand how you and your children can move forward positively following separation or divorce.

You will gain insight into what you and your family are going through and how to handle the journey to living apart in a way that's best for everyone.

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