Affordable charges for families who can pay 

We ask families to apply for legal aid. This need not delay your service, but it is advisable to apply as soon as possible. Applications are made via a solicitor not Family Journeys. Support work (advice and assistance) to prevent having to go to court is eligible for legal aid and you can find out more about it here.

For families who are not eligible for legal aid our services are made available for a fee - but please discuss your circumstances with us - we know that it's hard when your income is only just above the threshold, and our staff will apply reductions if you are struggling.

We charge an hourly professional rate for sessions which is inclusive of the direct staff costs and overheads. Venue costs and travel may be applied if these are outwith our normal service capacity.

Fees are reviewed annually.

We prepare children and families carefully to get the most of our services. 

Child contact

  • Preparation for contact: meetings with each parent and visits to our centres for the child £35 per session - some children need more sessions than others, please allow for up to four child sessions and at least one session per parent (this will be their Choices Meeting and any safety planning needed)

  • Supervised contact £50 per hour

  • Supported contact per session £30 

  • Support for handover £20 per handover


  • £100 per session, split between the parties in a proportion agreed with clients (note that each mediation requires preparation sessions with each party as well as the mediation itself; there may be a requirement for several sessions)

Parent support​

  • Power of Play parent-child sessions £50 per session

  • Parent coaching £30 per session

  • Family Solutions meetings £75 per session

  • Parent workshops £75 per workshop series (1-4 sessions depending on the workshop)

When we are able to subsidise parent and child activities and workshops through our fundraising, we will make these available free of charge.  We don't "double fund" by charging you for work that is paid for from other sources.