Charges to statutory services

As a small organisation our capacity to provide prompt and comprehensive support is only possible by charging for the important service we offer.

We receive no direct funding from City of Edinburgh or Midlothian Councils and small contributions from East Lothian and West Lothian Councils. East Lothian cases therefore receive a 5% discount and West Lothian a 10% discount. Full fees apply to other local authorities.

We aim to charge a fair and reasonable hourly professional rate which is inclusive of direct staff costs and overheads. Venue costs and travel may be applied if these are outwith our normal service capacity. Please see below for a worked example with costs. This should help solicitors quantify legal aid requirements prior to application.

Service delivery for families as agreed or as mandated:

Children's Groups

  • £30 per session, lasting roughly an hour

  • recommended 4 or 5 sessions depending

Child contact

  • Preparation for contact: meetings with each parent and visits to our centres for the child £35 per session - some children need more sessions than others, please allow for up to four child sessions and at least one session per parent (this will be their Choices Meeting and any safety planning needed)

  • Supervised contact: £50 per hour (please note that for new referrals we require a minimum of 12 sessions x 1.5hrs not including professional time for family liaison to establish the sessions)

  • Supported contact: £30 per hour

  • Support for handover: £20 per handover


  • £100 per hour

Parent support​

  • Power of Play parent-child attachment sessions: £50 per session

  • Parent coaching: £30 per session

  • Family Solutions: £75 per meeting

  • Parent workshops: £75 per workshop series (1-4 sessions depending on the workshop)

  • Parenting Apart £25 for 3-hour virtual session

Court Reports:

  • £80 for a detailed report containing our case notes and recommendations

Please note that we know travel to facilities can be a significant financial burden to families. For this reason:

  • We ask local authorities and courts to either arrange transport or allow us to provide travel vouchers for families in need. This will be added to invoices.

  • In some cases, travel to venues must be supported and safe for all parties. If our risk assessment suggests children should be accompanied to a child contact from home by a member of staff, the cost of this will be added. 

In both cases, this will be agreed in advance.

Fees are reviewed annually.

Hourly rates are applied for risk assessment and safety planning; setting up a service plan; reports; reviews.

  • Senior staff (complex cases) £35

  • Programme staff £25


Here is a worked example of a typical family’s journey through our services:


  1. Gain agreement from both parties for contact and have Choices Meeting with each party (1 each)

                                                                                                                                 COST = £35 per session (x2)


   2. Parenting Apart 3-hour support virtual training (recommended while waiting for contact to begin)

                                                                                                                                 COST = £25 per session (x2)


   3. Child and/or Parent prep for contact (2 sessions)

                                                                 COST = £35 per session (x2)

   4. Parent Coaching Session (2 per parent)

                                               COST = £30 per session (x4)

   5. Supervised Contact (12 sessions)

                                        COST = £50 per session (x12)

   6. Court Report (both parties/solicitors have access)

                                                                        COST = £80

   7. Supported Contact (6 sessions)

                                   COST = £30 per session (x6)

   8. Court Report (both parties/solicitors have access)

                                                                         COST = £80

   9. Supported Handover (Pick-Up/Drop-Off) (6 sessions)

                                                              COST = £20 per session (x6)


                                                 TOTAL COST = £1,405


                                INDIVIDUAL COST = £702.50

A level of support like in this example goes a long way to help a family co-parent successfully and independently of our services.